We all love guitar wielding in a song – it’s iconic, soulful and – oh what a beautiful instrument! Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Brian May and Eddie Cochran are amongst many of those who have mastered this magnificent instrument and are covered in this

all-out guitar fest!


The Story of Guitar Heroes has been touring for a number of years in countless theatres across the UK and is making its way to becoming extremely popular; not only with guitar players and musicians of all abilities, but with people and families of all ages.


“Amazing show, amazing musicians… men, woman and children of all ages would enjoy this show”


The show moves swiftly through time from the 1950’s with artists such as Chuck Berry and Hank Marvin from The Shadows; through history including legendary players such as the great Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, and the electrifying Steve Vai, who still rock the world today!


You will be amazed by how many iconic guitar songs you know. You will be blown away by the spectrum of genres featured – each time you think all styles have been covered, there is another waiting to surprise you! This all makes for a very dynamic and diverse experience.


“Regardless of what particular kind of musical era you prefer…you WILL be blown away hearing all the classics”


The show uses over 30 guitars to recreate the sound and ambiance of each guitar hero. The presenter and lead guitarist Phil Walker is someone whom you are likely to have heard of as being one of THE MOST versatile and talented guitarists out there today. Equally Phil is not someone who demands blue M&M’s in his dressing room!.. He is down to earth, full of fun and will have you awestruck by his guitar ability whilst enjoying his genuine, warming charisma at the same time.


Phil and his band enjoy what they do immensely. The band are also at the peak of their profession, with Toby James and Lee Williams – two fantastic guitarists in their own right; as well as drum virtuoso Allan Varnfield. All play extremely accurately and tastefully to suit each song as it was originally performed. You really will not be disappointed by these guys!


“Every lick is expertly played by highly experienced, gifted musicians.”


To add to all the excitement, the show is enhanced with video screen technology presenting a snapshot of great historical moments. Combined with state-of-the-art stage lighting, this contributes to the vibrant atmosphere of this thrilling show.


“The show was electrifying from start to finish”


Don’t miss out on this truly sensational night – you won’t be disappointed!

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