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Line6 are innovators in modelling technology.


They are able to recreate the sound of almost any amplifier, effect or guitar sound, in easy-to-use and conveniently designed multi-effects units.
From the very first modelling amp, the AxSys 212 to the ground-breaking Helix (released in 2015), Line6 have every sound you can think of covered.

It doesn’t stop there though!


The Variax electric guitar was introduced in 2002 (followed by the Variax Acoustic in 2004) and remains to be one of the most versatile instruments in the world today. Featuring built-in models that emulate multiple classic, electric and acoustic guitars (as well as other instruments), this allows you to produce authentic sounds at the flick of a switch…One minute you have the sound of a Telecaster and at the flick of a switch it sounds like you have a vintage Les Paul in your hands! As if that’s not enough, flick another switch and you’ve changed the tuning of your guitar without even touching the tuning heads! 


Line6 also make the incredible Relay wireless products. Superb guitar tone without the need for a cable. 

The Story of Guitar Heroes use the extremely versatile Line6 Helix, Various Relay G70 wireless systems and two James Tyler Variax Guitars. 


Phil also uses the Spider V 60 and Relay G10 for radio interviews. 


Yamaha, Just about everyone has heard of Yamaha!

From pianos to amplifiers to guitars and more, Yamaha’s music division are responsible for making some of the most beautiful instruments in the world today.

In 2014 Line6 became part of the Yamaha family, creating a network of global collaboration which, in 2017, led to the creation of the first ever guitar division within Yamaha.


The Story Of Guitar Heroes use the incredible Yamaha Transacoustic guitar and in 2018 Phil purchased a vintage 1978 Yamaha SA-1000 guitar which can be seen being played through the show. 

Phil's Comments:

“I have been a Line6 user since 2002.
My very first ‘kidney bean’ POD completely changed the way I approached and programmed my guitar sounds.
I was able to create almost any sound that came to mind (and I didn’t break my back in the process carrying loads of amps around either)!

Fast forward 17 years and I’m still a Line6 user (and fan)!
When I first put The Story Of Guitar Heroes together there was no doubt in mind that Line6 was the right tool for the job.
At the time of putting the show together I was the proud owner of the POD HD500X. I spent months fine tuning and tweaking this unit to get the sound of the guitar heroes I was paying homage to.
I used this pedalboard for a good 3 years solidly and it did me proud…right up until I was introduced to HELIX!!!

We played at the Birmingham guitar show and some of the guys from Yamaha and Line6 watched our set (still using the POD HD500X). They couldn’t believe how accurate the guitar sounds were just by using this unit alone.
I was asked if I’d ever tried their latest flagship model HELIX.

A love affair was about to take place!!

About a week later a box arrived and inside was the mighty HELIX.
I quickly unboxed the pedalboard and plugged it in to my studio monitors.
I was blown away! It felt like I had an amp in the room.
I thought modelling had gone as far as it could with POD HD500X. I was wrong!
It’s hard to describe just how accurate and close to the original amps and effects the HELIX actually sounds.
But if you come and see the show I won’t have to, you’ll hear it for yourself!!

I’m often asked ‘do you keep your amplifiers off stage because they are too loud?’ You can imagine the look on people’s faces when I tell them there are no amps…only HELIX!”

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Vocalzone products are a unique blend of powerful ingredients formulated to provide immediate relief from irritated throats.


Vocalzone has multiple uses in the voice professionals tool kit, as well as being an excellent soothing relief for sore and over worked voices.

Vocalzone Throat Pastilles are gluten free, lactose free, vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Phil's Comments:

“Vocalzone is a product I used long before I was fortunate enough to be endorsed. I mainly use Vocalzone pastels just before I either soundcheck, rehearse, go on stage to perform or even when I do a radio interview.

They have great flavours and really do seem to help clear my throat ready for when I talk and sing.”

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